Sunday, June 1, 2008

G-Man's Birthday

Gavin's Birthday is officially over after two weeks of celebration, Ellsworth style. Instead of a birthday party this year, Gavin wanted to go to Medieval Times, "it's a living link to the past where the glory, chivalry and valor of old burst to life in authentic pageantry and thrilling tournament action".

I took Gavin, his friend Nick, and Noah. If you've never been, its worth putting on the calendar and making an evening of it. The night consisted of eating a four course meal all of which is served medieval style - without silverware. You get to use nothing but your bare hands - the boys absolutely loved it. While everyone ate their dinner the knights showed off their skills in games of joist, javelin throw, and the like.

After the dinner the knights actually battle. The boys were completely spellbound. The knights battle one another with swords, axes, maces, and bolas and their not just fake-hitting each other. They're really swinging their weapons. At the end of the show, I bought each of the kids wooden swords. They then proceeded to fake-fight out in the parking lot for 45 minutes and would have continued on had I not had to leave. It was a great time.


Gavin Turns 8

Now that Gavin is eight he is a cub scout. He was so excited to go to his first meeting and wear his new uniform. They had an olympic theme and the whole family got to compete in different events. Everyone that played was awarded metals. Our kids loved the medals and thought they were real gold (even though they said revlon 5k walk/run). Gavin wasn't shy about bringing his new camera and taking pictures of all of his new friends. Noah's counting the days when he can be a cub scout and has his eye on this special pocket knife we saw at the scout store:)