Sunday, April 6, 2008

"Let me think... is it pull or push the blade across the sharpening stone when sharpening a knife?" I decided to push. I kept at it until the blade was nice and sharp. After all, I didn't want to be hacking at the stake while trying to cut it into thin strips for Bagogi (Japanese BBQ). The meat was a perfect consistency for cutting; slightly frozen in the center making it firm enough to cut perfect strips.

The first six or seven pieces were as thin as sandwich meat and the lenght of the entire stake. The next piece was started at the wrong angle - I was digging too deep and it was going to be be too thick of a piece if I kept on at that angle. To correct the action, I tilted the blade up a bit and kept on moving until, POW - the knife broke threw the meat. Natural laws of motion came into play and the force, or pressure, I was applying didn't stop until it hit my index finger directly below the finger nail.

I knew on impact that I was in for a good one. After about 10 minutes of bleeding and grossing Gavin and Bec out with the 'talking finger' (gaping cut would open and close as I bend the finger), I decided to head down and get a professional to close it up.
Modern medicine saved me the discomforts of having to get stitched. Instead, they glued it back together. Awesome.



This weekend we poured the footings to our room addition. One step closer to a finished product. Special thanks to Papa for making the trip up to help out.


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools

Over dinner last night, the topic of discussion was April Fools jokes. Several were discussed, most of them off the charts somewhere in the stratosphere of way to messy and/or just plain obnoxious. An example of a "joke" considered was filling a balloon full of syrup and putting it under my pillow so when I went to bed, "pop" would go the balloon and we would be covered in stickiness. Another was putting whipped cream in mom's hand while she slept and then tickling her nose. Again, way to messy.

Carina will sometime get up early in the morning and will come into our bed. Usually when she does, she will squeeze between us and make herself at home. I usually sleep with earplugs so I can't hear her but can feel the bed moving all about as she nuzzles in. Today at about 6:30, I feel the bed wiggling about and can feel someone in the middle of bed and I just assumed it was Carina.

After a few minutes of wiggling, I finally opened my eyes and was about to tell her to sit still when who do I find standing over me? Noah. Not only is he standing over me but Gavin is at the foot of the bed prodding Noah on to "do it". So I do a double-take on Noah to see what "it" is. I can see something funky in Noah's hands but can't quite make out the odd shaped brown thing. I sit up a bit and squint in an attempt to figure out it out and ask, "What are you doing?" Laughing, Noah says, "I was going to pull out your ear plugs and replace them with bacon." Yep, he and Gavin got up and pulled some cooked bacon from the fridge and were going to pack that into my ears. What the???? Pack bacon in my ears? Like I wouldn't wake up? And bacon... why bacon? Funny boys!