Sunday, August 17, 2008

late night adventure

So what do the Ellsworths do at 8pm on a Sunday night???? We discover Gavin has head lice (after casually mentioning he had an itchy head off and on for a week which I attributed to a summer heat and hair too thick and long:)! So unfortunately Russ had to run to the drug store - we'll have to keep some lice shampoo in our medicine cabinets, just in case, so he won't have to break the sabbath for this emergency again. I think Carina had it too but we shampooed everyone because they all sleep together and then Russ and I shampooed our hair because aside from living in the same household Carina calls our bed hers from 4am on. We stripped the sheets, blankets, towels, of 5 beds mind you, sprayed some spray in the car on the car seats on the beds, carpets, couches... Because I'm nursing I had to use a natural shampoo that had to sit in my hair under a shower cap for 60 minutes. So here I sit with 15 minutes too go and mountains of laundry that has to be washed on the hot cycle. My questions are; do we have enough hot water to wash so many loads consecutively and should I call everyone that we just associated with at church and before today to give them the heads up? This is so yucky. Gavin thought everything about head lice was really cool how you treat it, how you get it, how stinky the shampoo smells - he and Noah were in hysterics in the bathroom until Russ enlightened them on how it's really not so great. He thought it was almost as cool if not cooler than getting his first cavity this summer - go figure his perspectives . I was laughing the whole time I was shampooing Carina's hair contrasting this experience with my only other exposure to head lice when I was in elementary school. I cried when I learned I had head lice and was so embarrassed about being sent home by the school nurse, who checked everyones hair in my classroom after learning one child had it. While quarantined to the bathroom until Russ got home with the shampoo, Gavin summoned recruits for a go fish game and then all 3 of them enjoyed coloring in there until their shampoo set. The irony is that Russ could hardly see to check the kids hair because his eye is completely red and oozy - he's going to the doctor tomorrow. Sounds like our family is a mess:)