Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sounding Off

Just wanted to write a bit since its been a while. Gavin and Noah both had their first games of soccer today. It's such a fun sport to watch. Both really have a good time playing. I was laying down by Noah earlier in the week and he asked if I could come and watch him play on Saturday. I thought that was very cute of him to make sure I was going.

The addition on the house continues to consume ever free moment of my Saturdays but with each passing day, I move forward with one baby step at a time. Today I installed the plumbing for the water into the bathtub. Usually when I do the plumbing I have to shut off the water to the whole house; the pipes leading to the new bathroom are tied in to the existing pipes. Today, I decided to do things a bit different. I installed shutoff valves for the pipes on the bathtub. Now, I can have the water on for the whole house and the water off while I did the plumbing on the tub. I know, you're saying, "What a concept - shutoff valves - daaah". Don't know why I never thought of this before today but....



Ellsworth said...

Glad to hear things are coming along on the house. Love the new pictures of the kids. Who does Savannah look like? They're all sure cute!

Ty KT Family said...
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Ty KT Family said...

I hope you don't mind butting in on you Blog, I have not been educated in Blog ettique and don't know if this is permissiable but, I was trying to find contact info for James and Lori. I found your blog with simple James and Lori Ellsworth search, once I saw a picture of James on it, I thought you might be able to help me. I went to school with James at the University of Utah. If you don't mind passing my info to him I'd be super happy.
Tyler Groves



ps. you may want to delete this from your blog after you read this.

munyer jerk chicken said...

i made a new friend that totally reminds me of you, becca (and come to think of it, her husband sort of reminds me of what i imagine russ would be like if he were alaskan). so i needed my "ellsworth fix" and got on your blog and looked at your web album. love all your pictures. one in particular brought memories flooding back - the one of one of your boys with a chain saw. miss you guys.

Titel Family said...

Hey Rebecca,
The stores I visit in Utah are Sew and Save (bountiful), Roberts, Ben Franklin(Kaysville), Hobby Lobby. Those are the ones I can think of right now. There is also a vinyl store in Bountiful but I can't remember the name. We are going the week before Thanksgiving.

Team Smith said...

You are such a great family. I just have a hard time thinking of Russ as such a responsible Dad. I remember all the times you made us laugh at BYU. Love you guys. We told you 4 is a great number!
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